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Scream Sonata Cover - Artwork and Layout by Mouhoi Original Painting by John Martin .jpg

Scream Sonata

괴물성(monstrosity)을 탐구하다 그 안에 갇힌 어느 공포 소설가의 머릿속을 들여다보는 것 같다.
괴물성은 기괴한 외양보다는 보는 사람의 관점에 따라 외양이 달라 보이는 근거 없는 환각에 들러붙어
있다. 키세와는 부정적인 환각의 소용돌이를 부추기면서도 그것을 내몰기 위한 제의(祭儀)로서 또 다른
환각을 끌어오는 법을 아는 것 같다. [Scream Sonata]는 그런 이중적인 환각상태를 등에 업은 괴물성
간의 경합을 들려준다.

KISEWA’s Scream Sonata explores monstrosity. Scream Sonata seems like looking into the mind of a horror fiction writer. The monstrosity is attached to the baseless hallucinations of different appearances depending on the individual rather than a authoritative grotesque appearance.
KISEWA seems to know how to instigate a vortex of negative hallucinations, but at the same time ritualistically induces another hallucination to drive it away.
Scream Sonata tells the story of a race between monsters carrying such double hallucinations

Cassette Release by Mouhoi.jpg

KISEWA EP [Scream Sonata] Out

Format: EP
Digital Release by Absurd TRAX
Physical Release by Mouhoi 
KISEWA's Digital Distribution by no slack records
Cat. No.: AT-025/ MHR-011
Release date: 1 October 2021

Produced and mixed by KISEWA 
Track 1-4 Mastered by Hakju Chun (@mushroomrecording)
Track 5-7 Mastered by Nerve 

Remix by
Computer Music Club 
Primitive Knot 

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